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by Leanne Mallory

There are two layouts you can use for 60" wide fabric. One requires about 6m of material, the other about 8.5m. If you are taller than 6'8" in armour, you will need to purchase an additional 6" in material for each inch you are over 6'8", and you will need to add an inch for each in additional inch of height to the 78" sides of the triangles. The easiest way to roughly mark the arc on the material is to use a cloth tape measure anchored in the 'point' of the triangles.

  Typical Cutting Pattern

This uses 6m of material. Cut it into thirds, stack them, and cut through all three layers at the same time. I have roughly marked in the arc around the bottom. You will end up with 6 triangles.


  Fullest Cutting Pattern

This uses 8.5m and gives the maximum fullness to the cloak while minimizing wasteage of fabric. Instead of cutting through three layers of material, you will be cutting through two instead. You will have six triangles to sew together.