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Revenge of the Sith
  A New Hope
  Empire Strikes Back
  Return of the Jedi

Codpiece Facts

  Revenge of the Sith

Unlike the other codpieces, this one was designed with spaces set into the top to fit the belt boxes and belt buckle. The inset is smaller but still in the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners.



  A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back

Center front length (top of codpiece to bottom; estimated): 10"

Inset length (estimated): 7")

Inset width (estimated): 2"

Belted at the back. The belt and belt boxes sit above the codpiece but not on it.

Note: the same codpiece was used for both films.



Return of the Jedi

For ROTJ, the ANH/ESB codpiece was refurbished. The inset is slightly different as a result. It sits closer to the bottom edge of the codpiece. As well, the codpiece is deeper over the hips, and the curves over the legs are not as pronounced. It is still worn below the belt and beltboxes, but not with those resting on it.




The original codpiece was based on a boxing abdominal/groin protector similar in shape to the one to the left.


Templates and Tutorials

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