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Forum Name: Cannockwolf
Real Name: Dave



I have been hooked on Star Wars since i saw it, and the scene that stuck in my mind in all that time has to be when I first saw the Dark Lord himself stepping through the blasted doors in the Tantive scene of A New Hope.


Ever since then, I dreamt of being Darth Vader, and after 21 years, here I am. There isn't a feeling in the world which matches how I feel when I slip on the gea. It's amazing the buzz you get from seeing people go 'Wow, look there! It's Vader!!!'

I am 6'6" in stocking feet, and in costume I am 6'11". My costume was hand built in the UK.

I am currently experimenting with a sound board and buttons to play James Earl Jones quotes on demand and rigging the button to control that in my gloves or on the belt boxes some how.