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Forum Name: Delboy73 (Forum Moderator)
Real Name: William



William has been a Star Wars fan all his life and always wanted a full-sized Vader costume to wear or have standing in the corner to ward off burglars.

After meeting the CO of the UK’s 501st at a few events, William wanted to do the same. He quickly started along the path of the dark side to become Vader and is now trooping alongside his 501st friends.

William has a few Vader helmets, but his favourite one is the first one he acquired, which was in a raw form and required finishing and painting. It now has built in fans, a voice amp, speakers, and an MP3 player which is controlled from inside his glove. With the assistance of his mother, who makes designer wedding dresses, he has made a fullsized surcoat and cloak, and a leather three piece bodysuit. All that remains is to add a neck brace, and perhaps he will alter his belt boxes as well.